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  • Old Spice Fresh Lime by Shulton

    by freewheelingvagabond

    My experience is with the Indian versions, circa early 90s and later early 2010s. In the early 90s I remembered men in my family using this (my grandfather did). However, I have no recollection of how it smelled like. Later on in the early 2010s I bo...More

  • Virgin Island Water by Creed

    by lipovsk1

    Thumbs Up for being a good scent, but like some unisex Creeds I cannot wear this. I should have known what my final thoughts on this were going to be the moment I opened the package from Frangrancenet. Inside was a sample for women's perfume - so tel...More

  • Black Phantom : Memento Mori by By Kilian

    by Darvant

    By Kilian Black Phantom is a dark dandy of the velvety underground night, vaguely kind of bohemian and bizarre. I'd have sweared some red berries could have included in the mix (and peraphs caramel is melted with berrish honey). The juice is never su...More

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