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  • Marc Jacobs Splash Cotton by Marc Jacobs

    by HouseOfPhlegethon

    Mine, is the 2016 version. Has the same notes / ingredients. Light, breezy, fresh, modest, clean. Decent water notes here. A light peach, for a change. The wood is light, too. It DOES remind me of cotton. I'm glad I got a decant of this to fin...More

  • Wild Country Outback by Avon

    by Zealot Crusader

    Avon hadn't put out a flanker for it's legendary cowboy cologne since the musk version landed in the 80's. The 1967 original Wild Country had become the mass market direct seller's oldest continually-produced scent period and most popular male fragra...More

  • Vetiverus by Oliver & Co.

    by Juxtapozbliss

    Oliver and Co's Vetiverus is a potent Vetiver. It rides in medicinal and herbal...the first night that I tried a sample, my nose was a little bit stuffy, and I couldn't quite place the herb until I tried it the next day. It was absolutely clove! But ...More

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