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    • Eau des Merveilles by Hermès

      by speedracer

      A little green, some orange and a really nice hand soap smell. Starts off unisex but I feel this starts to go feminine quickly. Still though, the nice soap smell can work on anybody. ...More

    • Royal Water by Creed

      by Zealot Crusader

      Creed Royal Water (1997) is a highly-misunderstood fragrance among the bulk of Creed fanatics and the "Broventus" types that gravitate towards their 2000's output like Himalaya (2002) and Aventus (2010), receiving fairly mixed opinions amon...More

    • 24 Old Bond Street by Atkinsons

      by Constantine

      Fresh floral is correct. A clean Cartier Declaration. Not masculine, not the depth of Bois du Portugal, not much to redeem it at all unless you want to use the term 'fresh and effeminate'. Boring-- Aha but look at the price! Suddenly a bad joke! ...More

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