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    • Satisfaction for Men by Jovan

      by Zealot Crusader

      By looking at the notes tree you would have no indication this was an olfactory disaster waiting to destroy your nose, but unleashed from it's spray comes an attempt to relight the passionate fires that once was Jovan's stock and trade in the 70's, b...More

    • Égoïste / L'Égoïste by Chanel

      by Zealot Crusader

      Égoïste, like most Chanel masculines, is a watershed fragrance among hobbyists and collectors, while just a damned good scent for everyone else, with a lot of history leading up to it's creation. Chanel's own personal historians claim it is a masculi...More

    • A*Men Pure Wood by Thierry Mugler

      by speedracer

      Thumbs up for the smell but I am always surprised at how average the performance is of Pure Wood. It doesn't match up with other heavy hitters in the A*Men lineup in regards to projection and longevity. Moving on to the smell, it's actually the m...More

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