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  • Nankun Kodō by Sultan Pasha

    by Buzzlepuff

    The overall impression reminds of japanese incense with an addition of dense spice for a spice woods scent to my nose. Cypress woods enhanced by patchouli and slightest oud are the grounding base. Sueded texture from Ambrette and Musk (Ambretolide) ...More

  • Pure Incense by Sultan Pasha

    by Buzzlepuff

    This incense is similar to Norma Kamali Incense is the opinion of the maker. My Impression: A mild well balanced incense, that is milder and lighter than Norma Kamali, but as good maybe better. incense. Slight resinous wooded peaks rise up over a ...More

  • Incense Royale by Sultan Pasha

    by Buzzlepuff

    This is a wonderfully complete incense aroma. Well blended and smoothe with few inconsistencies. The Cambodian oud is warm, noticeable and delicately enhanced by cedar wood, copaibha, spikenard resins and warmed andnsolified with opoponax, vanilla,...More

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