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    • Enigmatic Flowers : First Dream of the Year by Floraïku

      by Redneck Perfumisto

      Time's a tricky thing Delicate yet persistent Approaching midnight A clockwork floral Beauty's fall winds beauty's spring Not all truth is real Not all beauty truth Some magic remains magic So enjoy the show....More

    • Bad Boy by Carolina Herrera

      by Zealot Crusader

      Carolina Herrera Bad Boy (2019) is the masculine counterpart to Good Girl (2016) that nobody really wanted nor expected, and seems to be the basis for Carolina Herrera Kings (2019), which was released before this in the US but was oddly developed aft...More

    • Fire Island by Bond No. 9

      by speedracer

      Big white florals and suntan lotion scent. Fire Island is pleasant but leans feminine to me. Also, the scent remains fairly liner throughout. Projection and longevity are both good. Nothing beastly but overspraying will get cloying....More

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