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    • Aoud Blossom by Montale

      by rbaker

      The opening combines the oud with a brighter citrus-dominated component - I get bergamot and a tangerine mostly - and the two go together rather well. The drydown flicks a switch, and I am suddenly surrounded by a bed of flowers: a rose with a d...More

    • Goodman's by Roja Dove

      by Constantine

      This is a perfectly nice fresh leaning masculine fragrance which at first comes across as very nice indeed and had me considering FBW ness . Citrus with Cedar vetiver cinammon. Fantastic. It lasts the whole day as well which is really unusual and be...More

    • Film Noir by Ayala Moriel

      by purecaramel

      At first I thought Russian Oud,however this is a Darker Chocolat and a smoother scent on the palate. Myrrh is balanced nicely with the Patchouli which overtones a little smokiness. Beautiful, sensuous delight!...More

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