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    • Guerlarose by Guerlain

      by rbaker

      Rose I get throughout. It arrives immediately and presents as bright and fresh, partly it itself and partly because the lemon and the bergamot instill these attributes in the initial phase of the development of this creation. It starts out being an...More

    • Komorebi 9.1 by Parfumerie Generale

      by rogalal

      I'd call this an inside-out fougere, with the lavender hidden and the supporting notes amplified. It's got a lot of mint over a lot of tonka, and seems to get most of its charm from the nuances of this combination. The tonka smells like sweet tob...More

    • Los Angeles by Gallivant

      by rogalal

      I'm having issues understanding how what I'm smelling relates to Los Angeles's description. If you're familiar with an Indian crush, a cooked-down syrup of fruits (sometime with flowers and herbs) that's added to water to make a sweet drink - that's...More

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