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    • Eau des Sens by Diptyque

      by Brooks Otterlake

      The eau de cologne genre is a hard one in which to innovate, and if Eau de Sens manages anything, it is to give the classic soapy-herbal eau de cologne a sleek, modern aura. That said, I can't say I find Eau de Sens particularly thrilling or memor...More

    • Natura Fabularis : 26 Tenebrae by L'Artisan Parfumeur

      by rbaker

      The top notes that determine the opening phase are three of note: a soft and gentle incense note - nothing very ceremonious or heavy - with a green background feel to it. On top of that I get a light notes of resins with it. The drydown sees th...More

    • Öland by Avon

      by drseid

      *This is a review of early 1970's Oland. Oland goes on with moderately sweet bergamot-laced smooth, almost liquid leather before transitioning to its heart. As the composition enters its early heart the bergamot vacates, as does most of the early...More

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