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  • Gin & Tonic by Demeter Fragrance Library

    by rbaker

    Yes, in the opening blast there is a gin-and-tonic impression quite evident. As G+T goes, is is not very exciting; more the aroma of the rather thin, old and stale Genever, but the tonic has a touch of fizz - fizzed out it is though after about an h...More

  • Halston Z-14 by Halston

    by rum

    Halston is clearly a less well-known name in the UK, but alas the joys of these boards is easy to hunt out scents that you've never heard of. Z-14 is one such scent, as is the designer house of Halston. Not wanting another cypress/chypre, I reluct...More

  • YSL pour Homme Haute Concentration by Yves Saint Laurent

    by rum

    An oakmoss-rich, packed full of light herbs, citrus and luscious woods, YSL Pour Homme Haute Concentration is perhaps one of the longest-lasting designer scents of all time. It's been well over 30 years since this gem came out and in my opinion wa...More

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