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    • CB Musk by CB I Hate Perfume

      by Sniffers

      I had high hopes for this...I'm always on the lookout for good animalics to add to my wardrobe...well , this turned out to be rather dissapointing...there is a pretty awesome civety musk thing going on , but it's ruined by that funky semirotting fung...More

    • Rose 31 by Le Labo

      by speedracer

      The best dirty-rose scent that I've smelled. Has a sexy feel to it from start to finish. I prefer this over Declaration d'Un Soir but both are high on my list of fragrance likes and tops for rose fragrances. The rose is there throughout but always...More

    • Dirt by Demeter Fragrance Library

      by speedracer

      Just judging this for what it is or supposed to be, it's nice and does smell like dirt. I also agree with other comments about "damp leaves". I'm also getting some florals. Yet another Demeter scent that reminds me of working outdoors, b...More

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