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  • Parfait de Rôses by Lancôme

    by rbaker

    On me I can detect two phases: Firstly, the rose. The rose is fresh, light and elegant. More on the elegant side. Neither dark nor creamy, this rose is on the nimble side. There is an agreeable sweetness mixed with just enough greenness to balanc...More

  • Tubereuses Castane by Lancôme

    by rbaker

    When I applied this fragrance in my skin, it was mainly the tuberose that was of interest to me. Although a bit thin, it was nice, more in the restrained and gentle mode and devoid of any waxiness or wood undertones. The chestnut is less convin...More

  • Lavandes Trianon by Lancôme

    by rbaker

    There are two main elements to this composition: Firstly, the lavender of course. And it is a nice lavender, typical and more in the traditional vein, soft and herbal. Secondly, the vanilla. A pleasant vanilla, but devoid of any special feat...More

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