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    • Explosions d’Emotions : Rappelle-Toi by L'Artisan Parfumeur

      by purecaramel

      Ah...Yummy. What a wonderful orchestrate for Gardenia. At first it may seem odd with it's peppered Gin, however the creamy Gardenia is stunning. A honeyed Sandalwood base has the effect of having the Gardenia push into an Orchid-like halo. Gardenia h...More

    • 2015 Le Phénix by Les Bains Guerbois

      by Sniffers

      Yeah , i know you can't always go by the notes listed...i have to be honest , in this case looking at the notes got me excited to smell this...and you know what ? I was pleasantly delighted by what I smelled...smells like walking into one of those li...More

    • Plum Blossom by Jo Malone

      by rbaker

      The fruity yellow plum is convincingly done, and is quite vibrant initially. Lovely. The drydown turns floral, with the plum blossom that the name promises faintly present. The other core heart notes are, firstly, a dry, elegant ylang-ylang, w...More

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