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    • Botanical Blend by Bath and Body Works

      by Redneck Perfumisto

      O, Botanotes! Though weak and discontinued Forever classic! Herbal and soapy You stand accused of being Halston Z-14 By unbelievers Scoffers, cynics and pagans Those who cannot bear Joyous fragrant truth That fragrances of the gods A...More

    • THAT Guy by Gallagher Fragrances

      by speedracer

      The opening is light, soapy and herbal, feels very unisex if not just outright feminine. Smells like something Clean would have in their lineup. It’s stays pretty linear from start to finish but I do get a little bit of sweaty, seductive, woody-clean...More

    • Guerlain Homme Intense by Guerlain

      by rbaker

      The opening mix with its fruity rhubarb leaf impression, the mint and the moderately boozy rum my conjure up memories of mojitos, although on me the mint is not outstandingly fresh and more incorporated into the whole. Touches of citrus come and go...More

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