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    • Escentric 02 by Escentric Molecules

      by rum

      I tried this on by accident having been on the lookout for Molecule 02, which is just ambroxan. I have to say I am quite surprised by the bad reviews on this one. A super fresh and long lasting scent, it is quite unique whilst the ambroxan stays r...More

    • Purple Oud by Christian Dior

      by Buzzlepuff

      Pink pepper, saffron and warm orange is a welcome front to a somber inward contemplating woods note that softly resonates smoothe and clear with a hint of clear patchouli. This is a very pleasant everyday orange wood scent. This is not a big imposin...More

    • Voyage by Nautica

      by mistersurgery

      This is a good, fruity aquatic that can be had for a steal; that's the long and the short of it. Voyage opens up with a fruity, apple/melon/watery hit and it doesn't change much from there. It is very reminiscent of what you would find in a desig...More

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