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    • X for Men by Clive Christian

      by Zealot Crusader

      Clive Christian X for Men (2001) is the male counterpart of the third and final line that launched the house of Clive Christian, a house built on the notoriously-cannibalized remains of The Crown Perfumery. With X for Men, the house sought to deliver...More

    • Mayura Extrait de Parfum by Auphorie

      by Zealot Crusader

      Mayura Extrait de Parfum by Auphorie (2018) is another semi-bespoke fragrance from artisanal perfumers Eugene and Emyrs Au, although one that has had more than a single run (but as of this writing is vaulted). I guess interest in this one is enough f...More

    • White Collection : Rain by Commodity

      by speedracer

      Fem florals and laundry musk opening. Smells like scent beads for your clothes washing machine. Very clean, not earthy or musty like rain can be sometimes. I could still smell it in skin about 7 hours later, so decent longevity but the projection...More

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