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  • Orient Extreme by Montale

    by Sniffers

    first 30 seconds or so I get a alcoholy/aldehyde blast which at first thought made me think this might have gotten spoiled...thankfully, within a minute , this turned into a resiny/musky smell hit hints of a foggy rose...retro in feel...smells like s...More

  • Aventus by Creed

    by Zealot Crusader

    Ah Aventus... the scent trail of an alpha male among betas and omegas stalking his territory in a late-stage capitalism society which confuses merit with equity, exalting career criminals as business leaders and decries empathy as a vestige of weakne...More

  • Vince Camuto Original Cologne for Men by Vince Camuto

    by speedracer

    Fresh, woody and clean. Not a soapy smell, just clean. Smells a little generic like a good lotion, laundry detergent or deodorant but still smells quite good. Probably a perfect indoor dumb reach based on projection strength and the nature of the sce...More

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