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    • Steam Aoud / Oud Hoggar Mota by Montale

      by rbaker

      Rose and oud again - but this time the rose bloom appears in the initial phase in a very subdued manner and is rather ephemeral. Then the out takes over. This is an usual and unusual oud. Usual as it is synthetic most evidently. Unusual as ...More

    • Realm by Germaine Monteil

      by Bavard

      A nice vetiver. It doesn't smell especially vintage, to me. The only vetiver I've worn routinely up to now is Elie Saab, and this is in the same general style as that. This is softer, and a little more old-school smelling, but not much. The funk in t...More

    • One Man Show by Jacques Bogart

      by Oviatt

      This is a darker take on Quorum. I get a green tobacco leaf vibe--possibly the basil in the top notes--and from there it just goes on being a leathery, woody, spicy animalic scent, right at home among the Polos and Aramises of the day. This strikes...More

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