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  • Aoud Lemon Mint by Mancera

    by Constantine

    Standard issue aoud. The thumbs down is because the positive reviews extolled how fresh and lovely this is which makes it a perfect summer choice. Summer where? On the Ice rings of Saturn? Some lemon skulking on the fringes but nothing to distract yo...More

  • Black Collection: Velvet by Commodity

    by speedracer

    Smooth, vanilla-spiced opening. It is unisex but not overly-feminine in any way. The cloves and almond tend to push this towards a cold weather scent for me, just feels warm and cuddly. Definitely, the best I've smelled from Commodity, take that for ...More

  • Pois de Senteur de Chez Moi by Caron

    by purecaramel

    Vintage EDC None of the Pretty, Young Girls and Sweet Pea of the Guerlain. Progesterone rich LOV, with a dose of Animalic, quite breathtaking. A Powdery goodness that says, Woman. Some relation to the Tabac Blond. It carries an Incensed Cloud sim...More

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