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    • Paris by Coty

      by rbaker

      The opening is - apart from a fresh and bright aldehydic blast - most distinctly a floral one, combining muguet, hyacinth - delicious! - and lilac very beautifully. Whiffs of oleander and of white carnation are also part of this early phase. Th...More

    • Black Afghan by Mad et Len

      by Sniffers

      A great smoky leather...a charcoal grill starting up and you still get little traces of the lighter fluid...dark and dirty...totally goth...old cracked leather trying to be restored by rubbing it down with resins...smoldering wood...result of a mysti...More

    • Jil Sander Style Pastels : Soft Yellow by Jil Sander

      by Kitty2Shoes

      Incredibly light and bright floral scent. Can be easy to apply too much as it's very muted. Sprayed on paper to tease out the other notes in which freesia and the orange blossom are dominant. Hard to dislike, easy going. Great barely there skin sc...More

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