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  • Dior Homme Eau for Men by Christian Dior

    by Constantine

    Starts off bright and intriguing. A real star. Then in the blink of an eye you are left with a powdery iris. If you like that kind of thing it is very well done. Slightly powder puff metro for me. Fragrance: 6/10--if you like what its aiming to do...More

  • Ubar Woman by Amouage

    by HouseOfPhlegethon

    It has a sparkling citrus opening. The flowers are well-mixed. I can pick out individual floral notes here and there, until this settles down. It gets a little boozy for a moment or two. Then, the base appears woody, with warm sandalwood, vanilla...More

  • Ôud Bouquet by Lancôme

    by rbaker

    This is a lovely opening: saffron and rose - the rose not particularly distinctive, but nice as being partnered with a gentle saffron. The oud arises soon, and, for a change, this is not a harsh and overly intrusive and loud oud; it is well integrat...More

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