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  • Honor for Men by Express

    by Zealot Crusader

    Have you ever wondered what a juniper-forward and muskier Acqua di Giņ (1996) might smell like? No? Well that's no surprise, and honestly neither have I, but evidently the folks at Express were pondering such a query because that's exactly what their...More

  • Sycomore Eau de Parfum by Chanel

    by Zealot Crusader

    Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel is purported by the house to have "dreamt" of this scent back in 1930, and the original nearly-undocumented version that has been smelled by few in modern times was described by those who had as a rather ga...More

  • Carpe Cafe by Gallagher Fragrances

    by speedracer

    This gourmand definitely nails the French vanilla + coffee vibe. The amber provides the warm, cozy feeling that fits perfectly. I don't get the green notes. It's all just warm, rich, sugary vanilla coffee for me. Obviously, this is a cooler wea...More

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