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    • Moroccan Tuberose by Illuminum

      by rogalal

      Extremely indolic tuberose - both the jasmine-style indoles and the minty bleu cheese indoles you'd expect from tuberose or gardenia. It's also buttery, and the butter mixes with the indoles and ends up smelling kind of like someone's eating popcorn...More

    • White Lotus by Illuminum

      by rogalal

      This kicks off wildly - imagine Jicky's poopy plastcky diaper base with boozy Crème de Menthe liquor on top. It's really quite captivating. The lotus note comes through next, like a dirty aquarium. I never like this note, but in combination with...More

    • Girls Can Do Anything by Zadig & Voltaire

      by rbaker

      Jasmine and vanilla is what I get from the start. The jasmine is quite green. The drydown is fruity overall, but chestnuts and hardwoods are evident too. The base develops a somewhat bland woodsiness. I get moderate sillage, good projecti...More

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