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  • After My Own Heart by Ineke

    by rogalal

    A particularly delicious raspberry note leads into the lilac, which is represented as an abstract sort of rosy smell, peppered with a pinch of hairspray aldehydes. This all happens over soapy fabric softener musks, which gives a very modern feel to ...More

  • Twilly d'Hermès by Hermès

    by rogalal

    I'm not really that into tobacco/coumarin perfumes - there's a certain sort of brown paper bag muskiness that turns me off. That being said, there's something ballsy and intriguing about Twilly that captures my attention. The tobacco/hay smell is...More

  • Ferrari Radiant Bergamot by Ferrari

    by speedracer

    Starts with sparkling Lemonheads candies. Reminds me of 4711 and Mugler Cologne with its sharp, clean green notes. Lots of green lemons. Later the drydown is a spicy musk very much like a traditional men's aftershave. The projection is below avera...More

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