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  • Santos by Cartier

    by Bavard

    Santos is a delicious, woody fragrance. I just have a little sample to dab on, likely the vintage/original version, but I'd love to have a big spray bottle to wear large doses. ...More

  • Chanel Pour Monsieur by Chanel

    by HouseOfPhlegethon

    The top reminds me of aldehydes briefly. The neroli isn't over-bearing for me. The middle notes are pleasantly spicy. Herbal, not too greenish. The vetiver is wonderful in the base, as well as the oak moss. I enjoy the base, I think, more than a...More

  • Dior Homme Eau for Men by Christian Dior

    by Constantine

    Starts off bright and intriguing. A real star. Then in the blink of an eye you are left with a powdery iris. If you like that kind of thing it is very well done. Slightly powder puff metro for me. Fragrance: 6/10--if you like what its aiming to do...More

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