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  • Oajan by Parfums de Marly

    by Sniffers

    I get a vanilla flavored cherry pie drizzled wth honey and then sprinkled with a ton of of those scents to reach for when its time for winter holidays , parties and family get togethers...not a super big fan of gourmand type fragrances...More

  • Parfum d'…tť by Kenzo

    by Kotori

    Iím reviewing the current version, as I havenít smelled the original in twenty years. Breezy and fresh in a very 90ís way, with Lily of the Valley playing the diva, and Hyacinth and Freesia singing backup, itís in the same genre as Gucci Envy and...More

  • FlowerbyKenzo Le Parfum by Kenzo

    by Kotori

    Iíve been on my second bottle of this for about 10 years. Itís got similar DNA to Flower the original, but a medicinal almond and opoponax take center stage. And it isnít as powdery. Itís languid and resinous. Syrupy, even. But itís more Robitussin t...More

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