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    • Poison Pear by Voronoi

      by Lian

      I love this for being a nice juicy pear and it reminds me of pear juice and ice cream. It's refreshing and lovely, but then it just becomes a generic gourmand with no lasting power. ...More

    • Cassis Vert by Voronoi

      by Lian

      Only got a hint of blackcurrant during the opening while it was fighting the generic "green" notes. It kinda reminds me of Aura where the opening is spectacular and then it fades. Within minutes it was a nice fig perfume. Not special enoug...More

    • Experimentum Crucis by Etat Libre d'Orange

      by Lian

      It reminds me of a less sparkly Serge Lutens Sa Majesté la Rose . The patchouli makes it a little dirtier and almost gives this one oud vibes. It's a nice perfume, but not groundbreaking. The opening is very different from Sa Majeste la Rose, but the...More

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