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    • Wood Jasmin by BDK Parfums

      by Zealot Crusader

      BDK Parfums upon first glance may seem to be another throwaway niche brand capitalizing on the ballooning demand to escape the increasing homogenization of designer perfume, and they may underneath it all actually be just that, but founder and princi...More

    • Oud Abramad by BDK Parfums

      by Zealot Crusader

      I sometimes feel like I'm writing variations of the same review when I'm reviewing oud fragrances produced by European/American houses, and that's mostly because the same approach taken with one of several commonly-used synthetic compounds is found, ...More

    • Tubéreuse Impériale by BDK Parfums

      by Zealot Crusader

      Those who know me well may also know that I am not super-enamoured with tuberose unless done exceptionally well, like with classics such as Joy Jean Patou (1930), but in BDK Tubéreuse Impériale (2016), founding perfumer David Benedeck does good by th...More

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