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    • Magic : Dirty Trick by Viktor & Rolf

      by rogalal

      After trying this a few times, I don't think I really like it. It's got violets and iris on top, a nice, tried-and-true combination, but tries to change things up in the drydown, introducing a combination of pink pepper, vetiver, and suede that smel...More

    • Scent of Oger by Creed

      by HouseOfPhlegethon

      Bergamot and mint, with juicy grapefruit, and a lemony goodness. I think of hard candies; the little fruit-shaped ones I'd buy in round tins, years ago. Good, sour notes. The mint quickly disappeared, then revealed itself again moments later, alon...More

    • Greenwich Village by Bond No. 9

      by Francop

      Pleasant synthetic fragrance full of aroma chemicals which determine longevity on each wearer... Full bottle worthy? Not sure......More

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