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    • Virgin Island Water by Creed

      by rbaker

      The opening with its bergamot, citrus, and the signature coconut set the tone of tropical freshness; and the gradually developing rum-infused booziness firms the hints towards the Caribbean theme. Further into the drydown, a floral theme is added...More

    • Aura for Men by Jacomo

      by Zealot Crusader

      Aura is an intriguing, obscure scent that was part of a brief resurgence of "green" fragrances which tried to take what was conveyed by the aromatic chypres and fougères of decades past and "modernize" them with lighter, brighter,...More

    • One Man Show by Jacques Bogart

      by Zealot Crusader

      One Man Show must be one of the most audacious names for a masculine fragrance I have ever seen, to the point of initially staying away from it when I first saw the stuff in mall perfume kiosks. I assumed it sold to that narcissistic set of guys that...More

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