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    • Play by Givenchy

      by 2nosedtwin

      Play - Givenchy Thinner and woodglue-like impressions. Watery lemon-orangey with a slight syprupy tang. Transparant woodsy. Vanilla-airy. Ozonic-green. Watery. Very lightweight. Verdict: anorexia masculine....More

    • Mon Nom est Rouge by Majda Bekkali

      by HouseOfPhlegethon

      Fresh. Then, balsamic-sweet. Resinous, rosy sunshine. Smells like a street market or fair in a populated, exotic region. Flowers meet incense. Various notes colliding and simultaneously ricocheting off each other. I'm a sucker for perfumes like...More

    • Wild Cherry by Mancera

      by HouseOfPhlegethon

      The cherry isn't all that intense for me, at first. It's got a layer of citrus mixed in... The jasmine kind of sours up, the cherry. I do get the reference for cough syrup but, to me, it isn't all that ugly. It's more like some kind of mutant sod...More

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