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    • Bois du Portugal by Creed

      by Constantine

      This is labeled a masculine cologne. It is all about citrus and orange blossoms with a hint of bark seen through the branches. It starts out as off puttingly feminine and slowly gets more serious and darker as it walks into the mysterious shades to...More

    • L'Occitan by L'Occitane

      by Constantine

      Dreadful stuff. Starts of thankfully non descript and slightly fresh but morphs into an 80s cheap feminine perfume. Cloying, gets up my nose. Wash off job. Some people may call this fougere barber shop, I call it a Road Traffic Accident of modern ...More

    • Eau de Cedrat by L'Occitane

      by Constantine

      Innoffensive lemon sherbet air freshener. Looses the bright opening and becomes weak lemon with a hint of wood. As a Cedar masculine cologne a complete let down. Fragrance: 6.75/10 Projection: 7/10 Longevity: 6.5/10...More

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