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    • Aurum d'Angkhor by Sultan Pasha

      by Diamondflame

      Do you look at a Van Gogh painting and scrutinise the brush strokes and the myriad hues used by the legendary artist? Or do you simply enjoy the wonder of the experience? Very much in the same vein ask not what Aurum d’Angkor smells like for surely t...More

    • L'Envol Eau de Toilette by Cartier

      by Darvant

      L'Envol Edt is a brighter kind of version quite loyal to original formula which is slightly re-orchestrated on proportions and notes-dosage. Citric top notes (mostly orange and lemon) are spicy and more prominent (kind of more durable on their splash...More

    • Voile de Jasmin by Bulgari

      by Redneck Perfumisto

      Pour Femme with a twist The clarity of jasmine Allowed to run wild Barging in on Rose Trampling on good Violet Muting Mimosa But oh, Dear Jasmine Frosted-glasses drama queen Puttin' on the show We sure are glad we Saved your Marshall'...More

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