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  • Love In White by Creed

    by Darvant

    Lovely "white" bouquet of bright florals (mostly jasmine, talky iris and elegant magnolia), soapy/poudree balsams, orange blossoms and diaphane resins. The general Love in White's atmosphere is musky and remotely gourmandish. Dry down is al...More

  • Mūsīqá Oud by Nishane

    by Darvant

    Nishane Musiqa Oud is a great powdery/woody neo chypre accord with talky-aromatic, spicy-incensey, oudish-animalic, woodsy-resinous, ambery and dry pencil shavings accents, like for an ideal mix of L'Artisan Perfumeur All Oud, MPeG Parfum d'Habit, Et...More

  • Vibrant Leather by Zara

    by speedracer

    Very crisp, fruity smell in the opening that also has some of the leather and smoke elements as an Aventus clone should. The opening is probably the closest to Aventus of all the clones I've tried. It does have a quality smell to it, I'm quite impres...More

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