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    • RÍve d'Ossian (new) by Oriza L. Legrand

      by Sniffers

      This one has me somewhat baffled...i'm not quite sure what I smell , but i am loving it...there's mention of this smelling old , but I find it to have more of futuristic avant-gard vibe to me...i close my eyes and inhale and i smell a mystic otherwor...More

    • No 50 : Civet Cat Chypre by Meleg Parfum

      by purecaramel

      Big Adelehydes with requisite Citric comes in a blast. Quickly settles to the Heart of wonderful collage of Rose, remarkable true just cut Cedar and Carrot Seed which offers a Root-like note with segue to a great Iris and Sandalwood melange reminisc...More

    • Bubblegum Chic by Heeley

      by purecaramel

      Can't tell you if this has anything related to Bubblegum. It wasn't on my skin long enough. Had to scrub, take a cold shower as my lungs screamed for Oxygen. Tuberose grease, in it's glory, smearing out the delicacy of the Jasmine. A go away scen...More

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