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    • Pino Silvestre by Silvestre

      by Reventon

      Definitely interesting to own as a reference piece and night time novelty. For some reason, despite not having a boozy note, this immediately reminds me of herbal licquers. My impression of the pine is that it's a nice, warm dark green. To be hon...More

    • Fahrenheit by Christian Dior

      by Reventon

      Damn this is good. I'm challenged to add something useful to the dialogue because we've got some really, really good analytical reviews below (especially from Zealot Crusader, as usual). I'll try to give my take as a new hobbyist on the current formu...More

    • Oud Picante by Areej le Doré

      by JBS1

      I just can't believe how gorgeous my Oud Picante has aged. I'm a little dumbfounded , but with a simple pleasant smile . It's nice when things turn out like this....More

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