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    • Journey Man by Amouage

      by Brooks Otterlake

      The icons of the Amouage lineup, Interlude and Jubilation, were never likely to be unseated by Journey Man, an accomplished exercise in the traditional language of Western perfumery (with beautiful incense providing a slight hint of the Amouage style...More

    • Amérique by West Third Brand

      by Brooks Otterlake

      West Third Brand's library of releases is impressively extensive and diverse for a relatively young, independent, artisan house, and many of them have not been thoroughly sampled and reviewed by the fragrance community, so it can be easy to overlook ...More

    • Vanille Insensée by Atelier Cologne

      by Brooks Otterlake

      A thoroughly cheap-smelling synthetic vanilla mixed with some smokiness; it's both bland and off-putting. I'm inclined to be especially harsh here because of the absurd and disgraceful pricing. This is transparently cheap, nasty stuff being sold ...More

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