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    • Private Collection by Estée Lauder

      by Starblind

      Utterly green and utterly divine! Whatever nymphs or goddesses or dryads live in the forest wear nothing but Private Collection in vintage parfum. Lauder's ad campaigns did this scent a disservice. The last thing I think of in connection with ...More

    • Noble XXI Art Deco Vanilla Orchid by Clive Christian

      by HouseOfPhlegethon

      Very interesting top note combination. A greenish, almost bitter floral mix. The top lingers for twenty or so minutes. The heart notes gently rise up, revealing a lovely orchid and delicate LOTV. This perfume, is pretty. I wouldn't state that is...More

    • Néroli Sauvage by Creed

      by Zealot Crusader

      Néroli Sauvage (1994) is a fresh floral citrus the likes of which Creed would become known for throughout the 90's, but has a strange tale behind it. Originally in the 2.5oz/75ml now-vaulted eau de toilette line, the scent was marketed towards women,...More

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