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    • Private Klub pour Homme by Lagerfeld

      by rbaker

      A fruity-herbal opening, with the lavender and basil dominating over the spritz of citrus. The drydown is fruity-spicy, with white peppers and more fruit: pineapple and whiffs of passionfruit. The base is cedar-centred, with a clove-spiced unde...More

    • AnOther 13 by Le Labo

      by rogalal

      Interesting. This smells to me like a deconstruction of a Creed smell, like what you'd get if you took away the natural topnotes from a Creed aquatic and just let the synthetics run wild. The star of the show is ambroxan, which will smell familia...More

    • Bal d'Afrique by Byredo

      by rogalal

      A pleasant tropical perfume that starts off as pineapple backed with coconutty rum, and goes more floral with ylang later. I don't directly smell the vetiver, but there's a green background that somehow makes everything smell more "dewy" a...More

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