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    • Fendi (original) / Fendi Donna by Fendi

      by flathorn

      Fendi went deep. It was a bottomless pit of pure, dark uncompromising chypre-ness, the type of fragrance that ravages your soul, and not always in a nice way. But the only formulation that achieved this vision of depth, richness, breadth and dynamism...More

    • Ilanguara by Phaedon

      by Lian

      For me the woody notes stop is from being sickly sweet and give it a tiny edge of interest. It is a comfort scent though without being sugary ...More

    • Pasha Edition Noire by Cartier

      by HouseOfPhlegethon

      I smell greenish lavender and geranium leaves. Sour bergamot and hints of grapefruit. It's all somewhat harsh. I get a weird synth-green vibe overall. This is way too masculine for me to wear. It isn't particularly enjoyable. My husband finds i...More

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