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    • Leather Oud by Christian Dior

      by Zealot Crusader

      I am not privy to very many "Privé" scents, and am excluded from most "exclusifs" mainly due to prices, which can be comparable to cherished discontinued scents even when new, but through the good fortune and kind hearts that have...More

    • The Dreamer by Versace

      by Constantine

      Starts off potpourri and a bag of sherbets in other words unbearably sugary and fougere. The dry down of course settles a bit but its sweet tobacco although the sweetness does tend to eventually fade only to be replaced by pepper which begins to get ...More

    • Single Malt by By Kilian

      by speedracer

      Boozy and smokey opening. Later it's a boozy vanilla, but not as heavy on the vanilla as other popular vanilla-boozy combos. Single Malt is an appropriate name as this really does have a prominent whiskey smell. It's also sweet enough to be consi...More

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