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    • Seven Veils by Byredo

      by rbaker

      The opening blast is a perplexing surprise package: a carrot impression that is given a makeover at an open fireplace - not baked potatoes but smoked carrots! Very original, and given an added twist by a good dash of pink pepper and pimento. The ...More

    • Almas by Boadicea the Victorious

      by Sniffers

      To me, the first couple of minutes is the deepest , richest , unique and unusuall pineapple...spicy Lapidus from an alternate reeality...a nice sheer/misty oud kicks in...pretty quickly transitions into a rose/oud with a touch of gr...More

    • Chiromancy by Sixteen92

      by Kitty2Shoes

      Well this was an unexpected surprise. This is a good gentle orris, just that light tap of powdery notes, almost suede like. The leather reminds me of a handbag I once own made of Florentine leather and oddly like a brand new pair of Birkenstock sand...More

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