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  • Chemical Bonding by Ineke

    by rogalal

    My favorite of the Ineke line, Chemical Bonding is a nicely complex tea smell. The tea illusion comes from a mix of sage and citrus, balanced with fruity coriander and given significant depth by bay rum elements. Meanwhile, there's a gingerbread un...More

  • Balmy Days & Sundays by Ineke

    by rogalal

    A rather dated green aquatic floral that lives halfway between L'Eau d'Issey and a 1998 Bath & Body Works cucumber/melon soap. Here and now, this honestly smells like Purell hand sanitizer more than a proper artistic perfume, but if you really l...More

  • Royal Oud by Creed

    by Constantine

    My search for a more gentle masculine Frederick Malle French Lover relative took me to Creed's Spice and Wood and from that to this. Note there is a feminine version of this so this should be safely masculine. Never assume. The Spice and Wood is ind...More

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