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  • Eternity Intense by Calvin Klein

    by babsbendix

    Given what some had said about this having iris and being weird for a Calvin Klein, I held hope that this was an austere, under-the-radar mass-market gem. Doesn't it seem as though this brand has a unique opportunity to offer something like that? I'm...More

  • 1826 Eugénie de Montijo by Histoires de Parfums

    by Bavard

    I would gave guessed the notes for this included iris and leather, which they do not. Searching my memory and re-reading previous sampling notes, I think this effect is from the bergamot, white flowers (typically jasmine), and patchouli combination. ...More

  • Rose Sublime by Laurence Dumont

    by HouseOfPhlegethon

    Rose dominated. Tinge of honey. Watery notes on top. Some shavings of wood here and there. More rose, on the bottom. Sillage is all rose. The other notes, are discernible closer to the skin. A good rose scent for spring and summer. Not overly...More

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