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    • Memoir Woman by Amouage

      by rbaker

      The opening blast is dominated by a juicy mandarin that is well-made and quite bright, although very soon the brightness is darkened by the shadows of a spicy aroma that develops. I mainly get a pleasant cardamom mixed with some white pepper, but th...More

    • L'Homme Lacoste by Lacoste

      by Zealot Crusader

      Lacoste post-Patou has been a very spotty affair, especially for most who have followed the development of the popular sport brand's perfume arm from high-end sporty fragrances when Patou controlled them (and Jean Kerleo composed) to more mall-friend...More

    • Side Effect by Initio

      by speedracer

      The opening is a clean vanilla with smokey oud. The oud is somewhat abrasive, stealing some of the spotlight from an extremely pleasant, warm and sexy, spiced vanilla. Later into the drydown it becomes sweeter and less smokey. Don’t be afraid of thi...More

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