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    • Aramis Tobacco Reserve by Aramis

      by Shifty Bat

      I would have much preferred this with oakmoss instead of treemoss (shakes fist at IFRA) but am still satisfied with it. Fresh tobacco, moss, and a very vanilla-like tonka comprise most of this fragrance. Yes, there is more going on but you won't n...More

    • Samsara Eau de Toilette by Guerlain

      by Shifty Bat

      Note: This is a repeat review because originally there was no listing on this site for the EDT version. Samsara is not only one of my go-to sandalwood scents, but one of my favorite feminine fragrances of all time. And I occasionally wear it myse...More

    • Eternity Flame for Men by Calvin Klein

      by speedracer

      Fruity-bubble gum, powdery-sweet opening. If there’s any likeness to Eternity then it’s distant. Decent scent but feels kinda juvenile or cheap, I can’t decide which. If we’re talking flankers, to me it’s better than Eternity Now but I like Intense ...More

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