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    • California for Men by Dana

      by Zealot Crusader

      Rarely do I part with something that I like, but in the case of Jaclyn Smith's California, I felt it was too close to several things I already had, too mediocre in the performance department, and an unjustifiable waste of space at a time in my life t...More

    • L'Esprit Divin by Paul Emilien

      by Darvant

      Excellent "rose/saffronish oudh dominant" combo based on a classic connection of saffron, dusty mild spices, earthy musky violet leaves/rose (royal and neo-Victorian a la Floris Royal Arms Diamond Edition) and woods a la Dueto Parfums City ...More

    • Fan di Fendi pour Homme Assoluto by Fendi

      by speedracer

      Light, smokey cedar, kinda like incense, plus some sweetness and cardamom. It's like a lighter Dirty English that's been modernized. Feels like a good cold weather scent and more appropriate for formal than casual. It projects nicely for 3-4 ho...More

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