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    • Eucris by Geo F Trumper

      by rum

      Review for the new Eau de Parfum, 50ml spray It's one of my favourite releases so far in 2018! After sampling it, I bought a bottle as soon as my preferred store had it in stock. It's a huge improvement on the cologne-like EdT, which only comes in...More

    • Mandacaru by L'Occitane

      by rbaker

      Fruity and citric is the opening blast - orange, peach, pear and grapes - not a super-fresh invigorating blast, but softer and less brisk, with a touch of gentle spice at the beginning of the drydown. The heart notes are switching into the flora...More

    • Coven by Andrea Maack

      by Sniffers

      As soon as I first inhaled this i flashed on the smell of being at The Botanical Gardens and walking into a humid/muggy greenhouse where the soil was just turned and the vegetation is old and ripe...misters are at work in the background adding a litt...More

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