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    • John Francis Bowyer

      by Published on 30th September 2011 12:24 PM

      Creating perfumes based on physical locations isn’t a new idea. There is no shortage of fragrances on the market that already base their compositions on locations dear to the perfumers’ heart, but there often seems to be something missing from these formulations: an access point for your own memories to inhabit the fragrance.

      The concept of capturing the fragrance of a location is fascinating; imagine smelling of that pine forest you trekked through instead of just a market standard aromatic based on a pine forest. Blending and balancing the numerous obvious, and not so obvious notes of a location is a precise science, and we’re not just assuming that by including materials that are typical of a location will result in an accurate snapshot of it. It takes a little more imagination than that.
      by Published on 22nd August 2011 01:00 PM

      Blood is not the most marketable of products, but that hasn’t deterred Italian perfume house Blood Concept from launching a new line of fragrances inspired by the visceral substance.

      “We wanted to tell a real story with the concept, not something based on fantasy,” says Antonio Zuddas, one half of Blood Concept’s creative team. The story that he’s referring to is one close to all our hearts: the story of human evolution.