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    • Neil Sternberg

      by Published on 15th October 2011 09:32 AM

      What if nine industry perfumers were told to truly unleash their personal passions? To take off their jasmine-scented gloves, so to speak? To do their dandy best to win your heart, as if they were trying to seduce you with perfume? To use the best and most advanced materials in the world, to try to impress the hell out of you? No rules. No restrictions. Just go for the gold ring.

      What if?

      Well, that would be pretty much what happened to this very fortunate fragrant reporter. Thanks to the scheduling conflicts of two real journalists, this slightly nutty substitute was able to get a seat at a “speed smelling” event with nine perfumers who work at International Flavors and Fragrances (IFF). Three energetic, young, rising stars. Three very honed senior perfumers. And three widely recognized perfumers who have reached the pinnacle status of Vice President Perfumer. All of them having such impressive portfolios, including so many well-known perfumes, that my eyebrows have now been raised into some kind of inverse Botox state.

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