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    • Thomas Dunckley

      by Published on 5th December 2012 04:42 PM

      “Smell matters. It really is as simple as that.”

      Book deals for perfume bloggers very much seem to be the in thing at the moment and as far as I’m concerned this is not something one should complain about. After all some of the best perfume writers are bloggers and their insight into the secret world of ...
      by Published on 27th August 2012 10:21 AM

      “Each new olfactory story is a gamble.”

      Last year Hermes’ in-house perfumer and all-round-perfume-genius, Jean-Claude Ellena, released a book Perfume:The Alchemy of Scent, that took us inside the inner workings of a perfumer and the perfumer industry. This year he has taken things one step further by taking us deep into his inner most thoughts. ...
      by Published on 29th June 2012 12:29 PM

      “Why is a perfume good?

      Because it is sensual without being vulgar?

      Because it is rich and opulent without being suffocating?

      Because it is so carnal that it can become part of us by transforming our own unique odor?

      The great perfumes are those that embody these contradictions.”

      I love coffee table books. I don’t actually have a coffee table, but I love coffee table books. There is something wonderful about an oversized, aspirational book to leaf through at your leisure that is undeniably pleasing, both intellectually and aesthetically.

      Frederic Malle of Editions de Parfums has pulled out all the stops for his book; it’s huge, it’s beautiful and in true Malle style he has continued his penchant for dropping big names by including a foreword by none other than famed French actress and N°5 loyalist, Catherine Deneuve. ...
      by Published on 9th May 2012 06:08 PM

      “It was unremarkable in appearance: a mottled white and gray color, irregular in shape, slightly flattened, and about the size of a football. But it had a strong door, which was unusual and difficult to categorize.”

      If, like me, your knowledge on the subject of ambergris could sit neatly on the head of a pin, then molecular biologist and scientific columnist Christopher Kemp may have written the book just for you. ‘Floating Gold: A Natural ...
      by Published on 28th February 2012 02:38 PM

      “I am a perfume lover trying to think through perfume, both in the sense of thinking the matter through, and in the sense that perfume is one of the language’s I use to understand the world”

      Perfume is a language that everybody speaks, whether they are aware of it or not. It is the language of times gone-by and places visited in the past, of lost emotions and beautiful moments. It speaks to us on a primal level and marks the poignant moments in our lives giving each and every one of us our very own scented history full of perfumed memories.

      These perfumed memories can be extraordinarily powerful, and in The Perfume Lover perfume consultant and writer Denyse Beaulieu (of 'Grain de Musc' blog fame) shares her most important olfactory memory, one that she professes to be “one of the most beautiful nights of my life”.
      by Published on 20th January 2012 04:22 PM

      “Whether odors are good or bad doesn’t matter; these materials are like words, I use them to tell a story. Perfume has its own syntax, its own grammar. My nose is nothing more than a measuring instrument.”

      I’ve always considered Jean-Claude Ellena to be a ‘quiet rebel’ within the perfume industry. His style of fragrant watercolours, particularly the ones for luxury brand Hermès, serve as a marked contrast to the many, bolder styles within mainstream perfumery and he has always come across as someone who very much does their own thing. Jean Claude-Ellena is the master of understated elegance - in a world where so many feel the need to shout, he confidently whispers.
      by Published on 3rd December 2011 02:00 PM

      Love them or hate them, the King and Queen of perfume-related snark are back with another instalment in their guides to perfume. This time Turin and Sanchez have sifted out the bad and the ugly and have focused on creating a compilation of their top 100 perfumes of all time.

      Well, saying this is a compilation of their top 100 perfumes is slightly misleading, as Tania Sanchez tells us in the forward, these aren’t the greatest classics of all time, they are in fact “those that struck us as far above their peers in quality, inventiveness, or straightforward beauty”. The Little Book of Perfumes turns out to be 96 of the top rated fragrances from Perfumes The A-Z Guide and for that reason you can expect the usual witty, honest and well-informed perfume evaluation that we have come to know and love (or hate).

      Like Perfumes The A-Z Guide, it is worth remembering with The Little Book of Perfumes, that perfume is entirely subjective and that those Turin and Sanchez consider to be classics may not rate so highly in your opinion. One man’s treasure is another man’s trash as they say.


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