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    • Marika Vecchiattini

      by Published on 8th August 2014 01:21 PM

      During the last edition of Esxence (the perfume exhibition held last March in Milan) the much-anticipated new Italian brand "Antonio Alessandria" was presented. The anticipation derived primarily from the fact that Antonio Alessandria owns one of the most prestigious stores specializing in artistic perfumes in Italy, opened in Catania nine years ago to spread his passion for fragrances. A passion that goes far beyond sales: Antonio attended training courses perfume creation in France (Cinquieme Sens) and Italy (Mouillettes & Co.), and all this made the line he was presenting in Milan irresistibly attractive... ...
      by Published on 14th October 2013 07:25 PM

      Pitti Immagine Fragranze 2013 took place last month, and the official data shows a growth both in general audience and buyers: the artistic perfumery has evidently become a trend, perfume aficionados who discover the "niche" market are more and more every day, attracting attention -and investors- worldwide. During the three days exhibition I counted the launch of 25 new "niche" brands, while those already established, presented over 55 new perfumes. A huge amount!

      Aware that three days wouldn't be enough to properly test all the fragrances in my list, I headed to the gates of the venue (the old, fascinating Stazione Leopolda) with a secret wish to find something that would surprise me. ...
      by Published on 18th June 2012 04:31 PM

      The general idea of Italian perfumery involves refreshing scents reminiscent of sultry holidays, plus a casual, relaxed style, worn in an irresistibly hedonistic way something you wear for your own pleasure, rather than to impress others. Italians themselves do show a preference towards Colognes and refreshing, zesty kind of scents, both Italian-made or not: may be because they're based on sumptuous plants naturally growing in Mediterranean gardens. Let's step back a little and see where it all begun.